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How Long Do I Have to File Truck Accident Claims?

Deadlines are very important in the world of personal injury law. Florida legislation imposes deadlines (called statutes of limitations) to set a maximum time limit after an accident within which a party can initiate legal proceedings.

Time limits on claims are in place to ensure a fair trial...

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6 Types of Compensation in Truck Accident Cases 

When you embark on an insurance claim or personal injury lawsuit after a truck accident, you might have it in mind to only pursue recovery for the money you’ve spent on medical bills, plus perhaps financial reimbursement for your totaled or damaged vehicle.

Florida law, however, gives you the...

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Tampa Lawyer Car Accident Advice | How Do I Determine What Portion of the Settlement I Will Receive?

How much money they’ll receive in a successful car accident settlement is a main question on the minds of most victims. If you’ve secured a settlement to cover your damages after a Tampa crash, the hard part is over. Now all that’s left is to calculate the portion of the settlement you’ll...

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Truck Wreck Lawyer Advice | Tips for Speaking with an Insurance Adjuster After Your Truck Accident 

After a truck accident, one of your first moves will be to call your insurance company and file a claim. The truck driver will do the same, filing through the trucking company’s insurer. You will typically receive a phone call from an insurance claims adjuster in charge of investigating the...

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Car Injury Lawyers Advice | What If My Parked Car Was Hit?

Most drivers know what to do in the event of an accident with other drivers. However, what if the damaged vehicle is a parked car with no driver inside? Whether you are the one that struck a parked car or the owner of a parked vehicle someone else hit, you have legal obligations in Florida. Here...

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Truck Crash Lawyer Advice | 5 Steps to Building Your Case After Being in a Truck Accident

The strength of a truck accident case doesn’t rely only on the details of the crash – it also depends on the efforts of the plaintiff and his or her attorney during settlement negotiation or litigation.

Building a strong accident claim takes gathering evidence, interviewing eyewitnesses, hiring...

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Tampa Car Accidents Lawyers Advice | How to Evaluate an Offer from the Insurance Company and How Do Insurance Companies Determine a “Fair” Settlement Amount

After a car accident, the insurance company of the at-fault driver might contact you as soon as the day of the collision. You might still be in a daze, tending to your injuries and trying to figure out what to do next. Do not let an insurance claims adjuster take advantage of you during this...

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18-Wheeler Accident Lawyer Advice | If I Am the Victim of a Trucking Accident, Who Do I Sue? 

Being the victim of a trucking accident can be the most frightening and traumatic experience of your life. As a survivor, you’re likely dealing with painful personal injuries, expensive hospital bills, and confusion as to who will pay for your damages. An 18-wheeler accident lawyer can be your best...

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Tampa Car Accident Attorney Advice | Do Non-Fault Accidents Affect Insurance in Florida?

You might think you’re in the clear if you didn’t cause your recent car accident in Tampa Bay. After all, you weren’t at fault – so why should you suffer any penalties or consequences for the collision?

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Why a Truck Accident Lawyer is Critical to Winning Your Truck Accident Case 

The actions you take after a collision can make or break the outcome of your insurance claim or personal injury lawsuit. There are many things you should and should not do following a serious truck accident in Florida.

One of the most important things you should do for your case is to retain a...

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