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Florida Car Accident Lawyer's Advice | How Soon After an Auto Accident Do I Need to See a Doctor?

Every car accident involves three separate collisions: one between the vehicle and the object it strikes, one between your body and what it strikes inside the car, and one between your organs and other internal parts. Injuries in the last two collisions can include broken bones, internal damage,...

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Truck Accident Attorney Advice | Determining Fault and Liability in Truck Accidents 

After a bad truck accident in Florida, one of your first questions is probably, “Who is at fault?” Determining fault and liability for a truck crash is one of the most important steps in pursuing financial recovery.

Although Florida is a no-fault insurance state, if your crash caused serious or...

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Tampa Auto Accident Lawyer Advice | Do I Have to Call the Police After an Accident?

Right after an accident, it can be difficult to think clearly and make the best decisions. If the accident was a minor one with no injuries, you may be wondering if it is necessary to call the police to the scene. In most cases, it is best to have a police report of the accident, and in many...

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Truck Injury Lawyer | Different Types of Damages in Civil Lawsuits

If you were to sue someone for causing your truck accident and related injuries, your claim would take the form of a civil lawsuit. A civil suit aims to reimburse injured parties, or claimants, for losses caused by someone else’s negligence. While every truck accident claim is unique, types of...

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How to Avoid Truck Accidents 

Preventing a truck accident is always better than dealing with the aftermath of one. In 2016, 29 Floridians died in heavy truck accidents. Most, if not all, truck accidents in Florida are preventable.

They arise out of negligence – often on the part of the trucker, the trucking company, a roadway...

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What Kind of Evidence Should I Collect for a Truck Injury Attorney?

What Information Do I Need to Request/Preserve After a Truck Accident? 

After getting into a truck accident in Florida, there are things you can do that will help your truck injury attorney represent your case. In the minutes, hours, and days after a crash, the steps you take can affect the future...

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Tampa Accident Lawyers Advice | What Information Do You Need to Exchange After a Car Accident?

If you’ve been in a car accident, you are no doubt shaken by the experience and may be struggling to recall what steps you should take next. Bookmark this page for a quick and easy way to pull up the information you should exchange in the event of a car accident.

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Tampa Auto Accident Law Firm | How Long Will It Take to Settle My Case?

After a car accident, the trauma of an injury and the serious disruption to your life can make days seem like years. If the insurance company is disputing the facts of your case or attempting to get you to settle for an amount that won’t meet the financial needs placed on you due to your...

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What do I do after a car accident if I'm at fault?

A car accident can be a stressful experience, no matter whose fault it is. If you’ve been in an at-fault car accident, it’s important to not argue with the other driver. Simply be polite and do not leave the scene of the accident. One of you should call 911 and report the accident immediately,...

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What Do I Do in a Hit and Run Accident?

 Few situations are more upsetting than being the victim of a hit and run accident. An auto accident is inherently disruptive to your life – but the accident being a hit and run makes things so much worse. You have to rely on law enforcement to find the driver, which may or may not happen. And...

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